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Search Engine Optimization

fort collins advertising agenciesSearch engines are  used to find the products or services we are after.  Not to mention to filter through the loads of information available and get us the data we want.  Did you know that barely 20% of all users ever click past the first page of results!?

Is your site represented on that first page? Are your competitor’s?

At ADS, Inc., our goal is to work with you to help you increase your ranking on search engine pages. Our search engine optimization services are based on years of research and experience, and we continue to improve our techniques and tools to stay ahead of each and every change in the search engines.

Our objective will be to establish the most commercially valuable keyword phrases and optimize the site for these in order to increase position in the major search engines and increase overall traffic to the site. This will be done through page optimization (both visual to the end user as well as meta/micro-data), content creation and optimization and ongoing maintenance of your site’s content to ensure the search engines are taking note.


Our process includes (in general):

  1. Baseline Establishment:
    1. This allows us to establish a baseline for ranking and traffic for your existing site.
  2. Establish and research targeted keyword phrases for popularity and competition.
    1. Here we establish those valuable keyword phrases for which people are already searching for, but just not finding your site.
  3. Adjust meta tags for optimal SEO on existing pages (x hours)
    1. Edit “Title” tags on all pages to include targeted keyword phrases related to page content.
    2. Edit “keyword” tags to vary the words and phrases (should not be identical for every page) and include
    3. Edit “Description” tags on all pages to include targeted keyword phrases related to page content.
  4. Create “landing pages” in order to capture incoming visitors from Keyword-Based Links.
    1. These pages are purpose-built around the individual keyword and used for targeted links.
  5. Add cross-links to other pages within the site focusing on targeted keyword phrases.
  6. Optimize photos and videos for title tags and alt tags for targeted keyword phrases.
  7. Ensure the footer contains all (most) of the site’s pages and the full nav from the header.
  8. “No-Follow” external links off of page.
    1. This allows us to maintain the value your website has already developed and not “leak” any of that valuable “seo-juice” to other sites.
  9. Fix all broken internal/cross links
  10. Adjust URL for main pages to be more SEO friendly. (where possible.


There are dozens of other strategies we utilize that can’t be outlined here.  One of the more valuable of these is blogging.  There have been numerous articles about the value of content on a website.  Our custom blogging packages include locally written articles tightly based on your company’s vertical industry.  Each blog article includes links back to the associated pages of your site and optimized photos/videos to ensure their SEO value.